Soft skills training

Every process relies on people – the specialists responsible for the company’s efficiency. Thanks to our top-notch workshops, training courses, and coaching sessions, our customers are able to unleash the dormant potential of their businesses more efficiently. Our training courses open many doors and our support helps solve existing problems. Our training courses develop employees’ interpersonal and personal skills. It helps to understand the problems that arise from poor communication and improve teamwork, which contributes to increased employee engagement, integration, and ultimately to the success of the company. 

Examples of the interpersonal training we provide:

Hard skills training

From the very beginning, the trainings which we offer are designed and implemented so that they correspond to the realities in your company. Therefore, we always start our cooperation from a thorough understanding of the source of your training needs. After the training is completed, we provide the client with feedback (a report from training evaluation surveys and recommendations for further development actions). The hard training courses we offer make it possible to acquire or strengthen specialist skills necessary for the development of a company.

We assume that a good training is one that strengthens the motivation of employees to change their working methods and standards. Therefore, apart from the training itself, we also offer support in the implementation of new skills, knowledge and standards.

Examples of the specialised training we provide

invenio training center



Our own training center


Qualified trainers/practitioners


Training courses tailored to our client’s requirements


Clear and comprehensible training material


Post-training coaching


Participation in training confirmed with a certificate


Choice of training location – outdoors, on the company’s premises, or at invenio’s training center


Modern training methods

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