A breath of summer

Early in September, we summed up our second competition this year, “Summer holidays with the invenio group”. The third edition of the competition lasted throughout the entire July and August. The participants were to take a holiday picture referring to one of the invenio companies, Quality & Human Services or IPSUPPORT. We received plenty of …

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Silver to the boys

Last Saturday, the 10th AHK Football Tournament 2023 took place at the Łukasz Piszczek BVB Academy field in Goczałkowice-Zdrój. This year, 36 teams participated in the games, while nearly 400 players competed fiercely for the AHK Polska (Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) cup and the main prize – a trip to a Borussia Dortmund …

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Quality control is key

Quality control of automotive parts is crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of cars. With such a complex machine, even minor shortcomings in production can lead to serious safety and quality problems. Below I outline some quality control methods that are commonly used in the automotive industry: 1. Dimensional control – involves measuring the …

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Happy Easter!

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, we would like to wish all our Clients, Employees and Friends the best wishes of health, prosperity, happiness and an ever-present spring mood.

Balkan vibes

On Tuesday, 21 February, at the StrefART Gallery in Tychy, a meeting of the Silesian Business Club, hosted by invenio, was held. The main topic of the event was how to conduct and develop business in the Balkans. Many participants attended this international event, including more than 50 entrepreneurs from Śląsk and Małopolska. The guests …

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Merry Christmas!

We wish full of love, joy and health Christmas to all Clients, Colleagues and Friends. Let the next year be a time of peace and the implementation of all plans and dreams.

Golden hearts

This year, invenio’s employees joined the charity campaign Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift) in as many as four locations. Our employees once again showed a heart of gold, and despite the raging inflation and rising costs of living, we managed to raise record amounts of money to help selected families as part of the annual Noble …

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A breath of summer

The weather outside is typically winter-like, so to warm up we will return to the summer holidays for a moment, and specifically to our photo competition “Holidays with the invenio group”. The second edition of the competition is behind us. The jury was impressed by the participants’ creativity and faced a really tough choice of …

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Positive result

As part of the ISO 9001:2015 supervision audit, we hosted auditors from TUV Nord on September 12-14, who examined our daily work in terms of compliance with the standard and our processes. We are very pleased to inform you that during these three days we proved to the auditors the highest quality in invenio and …

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invenio with the 25th anniversary Hermes

The Tychy Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce (RCIC) held its 25th Anniversary Gala on Friday, June 10, at the Hunting Lodge in Promnice, where businesspeople, politicians, and representatives of the local government were present. For a quarter of a century, the RCIC has been integrating the local and regional business community. By planning economic …

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