Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers are present at every stage of the product creation process, from the concept to serial production. We execute orders both internally and externally at the customer’s premises through our employees.

We offer mechanical engineering and automation services (cad/cam design, machining, production tooling, machine manufacturing) and supplier quality development services (to assist in solving quality problems or when resources are insufficient).

Experts in invenio have extensive experience in the design, operation, construction and manufacture of machinery and assembly stations, as well as in the development and manufacture of Instruments and handles necessary for a variety of production processes. With our support, companies manage their resources better, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of problems in the production process.

CAD Design

The company’s competence in CAD design includes areas such as the design of manufacturing instrumentation (control checks, manufacturing tools), workstations, and machines and devices.

Invenio also has experience in the design of research stations and specialized devices designed for the needs of research institutes and technical universities.

Our expertise and effectiveness of our solutions have been recognized by specialists. The load conical gears test station designed for the Institute of Technology and Machine Operation (the National Research Institute in Radom) was presented, among others, in Moscow in 2013, at the International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies Archimedes, where it won the gold medal.

We use the software :

We guarantee a smooth design process and a high level of insight into the analyses developed.

Invenio supports its clients by posting design engineers to work at the client’s site. The scope of the work consists mainly of manufacturing instrumentation or product changes. Development work is also included, if necessary. The design engineer may be posted to work using Client’s hardware as well as with the CAD station and the type of software agreed with the Client. Using the individual findings, invenio selects an employee with qualifications appropriate for the project.

Control checks

One of the invenio’s specialties is the design and manufacture control checks. These are go / no-go type checks that allow you to quickly assess the geometric properties or the essential functions of the product.

Manufacture of machines and instrumentation

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of specialized manufacturing instrumentation. We provide our clients with dedicated solutions to specific problems by streamlining and optimizing their production processes.

In addition to purely engineering services, we also deal with the production of machines, devices, and manufacturing instrumentation based on our own tool plant. Support from invenio includes CAD design, manufacturing, assembly, and the implementation of our solutions at the client’s site.

Reverse Engineering

Based on extensive engineering knowledge and industry experience, we perform the measurements needed to reproduce the missing 2D and 3D CAD technical documentation.

With our measurements, we create the 3D CAD environment needed for further design work, for example, for machine overhaul and upgrades.


Due to our modern machine fleet and skilled specialists, we are able to implement to production and execute all our projects to deliver to our clients the highest quality comprehensive solutions. Our machine park is equipped with precise machine tools from FOP AVIA (lathes and vertical machining centers) that work with high-end manufacture aid software.

Assembly and working stations

Invenio develops designs of assembly stations for small and large-scale production, in particular, for the automotive industry. They are designed in accordance with ergonomic and Lean Manufacturing principles. For our clients, we also produce specialized workstations tailored to individual requirements, as well as trucks, pallet platforms and production ancillary equipment.

Measurement Laboratory

As a leader of the quality control services market, Invenio has a modern measurement laboratory. The services offered are dedicated to clients for whom the highest quality is the core of their business and who do not have their own measurement laboratory or appropriate specialists. Measurements are made using the FARO EDGE 2.7 m measuring arm with a 0.041 mm accuracy for a single point and inspection software Metrolog x4.

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