Recruitment and HR counselling department

invenio offers complex HR counselling services. We specialize in high-quality recruitment of specialists. We provide services of superior quality, supporting candidates and clients in discovering their real needs, which contributes to their long-lasting future success.

Our assets:

access to a wide range of qualified specialists,
advanced work techniques and tools,
experienced specialists,
flexibility in cooperating with contractors.

Benefits for your business:



You have a real possibility of cutting costs, including labor costs.



You can hire employees without having to employ them on a permanent basis



invenio is responsible for choosing an appropriate new employee for your company


Saving time

The entire recruitment process is managed by invenio specialists

Transparent cooperation rules

„Success fee” – we don’t charge for the time needed to verify candidates’ competencies, select the incoming applications, provide information, or search for and recruit candidates.

We don’t operate on an exclusive basis – you can organize your own recruitment while working with us.

We begin by establishing your requirements and expectations regarding the candidates. Based on this description, we can also provide a non-binding quote for the recruitment process.

Recruitment by invenio




Recruitment and HR/payroll services on the part of invenio


 More efficient


Lower costs for HR management

Access to professional knowledge


invenio is responsible for the personnel delegated to the customer

If your business is constrained by the costs of recruitment, we can offer solutions to reduce costs. invenio can provide our clients with specialists for any specified time.

It is a perfect solution if you need to reduce the number of jobs, reduce costs, retain your valuable employees.

Recruiting directly at the client’s location

Our clients are large corporations and companies with no professional recruitment tools. We guarantee success in recruitment by selecting a candidate who fulfills the requirements determined by the employer.

Our process of candidate selection involves multiple levels. Apart from regular job interviews, we evaluate applicants using manual, language, and technical tests.

Benefits for your business:

Recruitment for key positions

We tackle recruitment professionally – we can support an existing process or represent your brand on our own. The decision is always up to you: in each case, we will prepare offers tailored perfectly to your needs.

Our staff has experience in a variety of techniques for reaching and selecting potential candidates. Our techniques help us acquire talented specialists, managers, and executives who greatly contribute to the development and success of our clients.

Temporary work agency –

Quality and Human Services (Q&HS), an engineering plus holding company, was founded in 2015 to meet the demand reported by the group’s customers.

Our company is a team of experienced professionals and experts in recruiting and hiring employees from both Poland and outside the European Union (i.a. Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, and even India and Brazil). With commitment, comprehensive knowledge and flexibility, we always adapt to the needs of our customers.

Q&HS specializes in the recruitment of the so-called blue collars, middle-level specialists and technicians. We conduct a comprehensive recruitment process, and the use of our services guarantees access to the best candidates in the labor market.

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