New partnerships and challenges

In the quest of invenio in Bulgaria to ensure smooth production processes, consistently high quality and customer satisfaction, we have managed to expand our customer portfolio. Thanks to our team of specialists, who have a focus on detail, standardization and discipline, new partnerships have been built.

In the past year, we started working with new customers in the automotive and medical industries. Part of these partnerships are two Swiss companies – LIM Technics and AQ Electric, where we provided our professional services – quality control, sorting and re-work, as well as the German company Wallstabe & Schneider specialized in the development of elastomeric products for automobiles. In 2023, we can also mention the assistance provided by the operations manager from Poland, Rafal Tajstra, and the operations manager from Bulgaria, Elin Vlasev, to the team in Serbia.

invenio QD again took part in several events. We had the pleasure of being part of two career forums at the Technical University of Sofia, where we were able to introduce our services to potential clients and meet many ambitious new people. We also participated in the “Bulgaria wants you” event, which aims to provide opportunities for the development of specialists from abroad.

The managers and the HR department are constantly looking for new opportunities to unite and motivate the team. For this purpose, we organized two contests for the children of all employees in the company. One was on the occasion of the “First day of school” and the beginning of the autumn season. Everyone who participated invented beautiful autumn projects. The second competition was on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, for which children had to create drawings on the “Winter’s Tale” theme. There were gifts for everyone, and the most creative ones were awarded first, second and third place.

In addition to the contests, we created “Thank You” cards. Each one of us had to address the card to someone and thank them for the help received at work.

In 2023 we became part of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GBCIC), through which we have the opportunity to participate in various events in order to meet new partners in various industries.

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