Hundreds of kilometres covered

The past year at invenio has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres run and walked. The group of active employees of our company increases with each run.

On the penultimate Sunday of October, a group of 10 people representing invenio competed in the 38th Paprocany Pearl run in Tychy. A distance to run was set as a multiple of a loop marked out around the Paprocany Lake, which is 7 kilometres long.

The organisers wanted it to be a way for active and healthy leisure time rather than competition, where the atmosphere of the run and the good company count more than the results.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the 11th of November, we celebrated the restoration of Poland’s independence. The invenio representatives took part not only in official celebrations but also in the 5th Tychy Independence Run with a distance of 5 kilometres.

The last run this year was December’s 10th Santa Claus Race in the Valley of Three Ponds in Katowice. The race had many age categories, from toddlers, who ran together with their parents, through older children, to adults.

The wintry weather did not scare the runners, with nearly 1,000 people showing up at the starting line. They included both runners and Nordic walkers. The participants had a distance of 5 or 10 kilometres to cover. The atmosphere of the competition was enriched with Christmas outfits. As a side note, in earlier months, our employees represented invenio at mountain festivals in Jedlina Zdrój, Runmageddon, Poland Business Run, Toyota Half Marathon, and other less popular runs.

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