Golden hearts

This year, invenio’s employees joined the charity campaign Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift) in as many as four locations.

Our employees once again showed a heart of gold, and despite the raging inflation and rising costs of living, we managed to raise record amounts of money to help selected families as part of the annual Noble Gift campaign.

This year, the family database was dominated by elderly, sick and lonely people. These included the three people supported by invenio teams. Whereas in Jelcz-Laskowice, a family of four received help.

Let us remind you that the Noble Gift is a nationwide Christmas aid campaign – implemented since 2001 by the Spring Association. Its main assumption is to help the poorest families by purchasing the necessary means by donors, including food, cleaning products, heating fuel, household appliances, clothes and shoes, etc.

You can read the family stories below.


Some time ago, Ms. Agata had to quit her job due to her taking care of her son with Asperger’s syndrome. Unfortunately, bad life decisions meant that her partner, Mr. Damian, has problems finding a job. Despite this, the man tries to take on various jobs from time to time, actively looking for something permanent. Despite all the difficulties, the family does not give up, they are very close to each other and love spending time together.

The elder son is passionate about drawing. Unfortunately, the boy had a desk that was not well-adapted to his height and a broken chair, which made him vulnerable to back problems and left him without the right conditions to do his homework. Buying clothes for growing boys is also a big expense for the family.

The collection of funds to help the family exceeded the wildest expectations of its leaders, which made it possible to meet all the needs of the family, and more.


Mr. Tomasz lives alone, and has been struggling with health problems related to the loss of sight for several years. Despite adversity, he tries to use the help of his family as little as possible, but talks with great love and tenderness about his parents who support him despite their old age, even though they also need help themselves.

The man’s main necessity was a sofa bed, because the previous one was badly damaged, springs protruding from it, which caused great discomfort when lying down and sleeping. The duvet, pillow and bedding were also badly damaged and unsuitable for further use. Mr. Tomasz also needed a supply of food that would allow him to relieve his small household budget. To the delight of all, we managed to meet all of their needs.


The invenio team near the German border helped Mr. Jan, who over 30 years ago fell seriously ill with heart and lung diseases, which made it impossible for him to continue working. The most difficult thing for the man is the lack of hot water, which causes many problems with his illness. However, the senior man can rely on his sister, who is a great support for him and who gave him a roof over his head.

The family’s primary needs were food, cleaning products that would relieve the family of everyday expenses, and a junkers gas heater to heat water. The package also included clothes and shoes.


Mr. Ryszard is an elderly man. He worked as a driver for 42 years. Unfortunately, since 2019, he has been struggling with post-stroke limb paresis. He does everything to recover. His family was and is his greatest support in everyday life, but he tries not to be a burden to anyone. Much like Mr. Jan, Mr. Ryszard can always rely on his sister.

The 70-year-old’s key needs were mainly food, especially non-perishables, because the man did not have a refrigerator and kept food outside the window on the windowsill. Fortunately, the Christmas elves from invenio managed to solve this problem as well, and now Mr. Ryszard will be able to store food in refrigerated conditions at home. Another vital piece of equipment was a carbon monoxide detector – harmful dust and carbon monoxide from the stove floated around the house, threatening the health and life of the ailing man.

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