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After several months of hard work, the new invenio website saw the light of day, which can be found at

The website is decorated in the traditional blue colors of Engineering Plus Holding, and the green elements refer to the colors of the German invenio group.

What’s new is that the site is global, identical for all international EPH companies. In addition, it emphasizes that despite having many remote locations, invenio is one, joint organization that can provide all its services anywhere in the world. The content on the website can be read in eight languages that we use every day—Polish, English, German, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian.

The new version of the website contains, above all, more information about invenio itself—the history of establishment and development, the company’s mission or a description of CSR activities. There is much to be proud of—after all, invenio has been operating on the European and global market for over 35 years. Another new feature is the “News” section, where information about the company’s life will be published on an ongoing basis. Therefore, we encourage you to visit it regularly and check what’s going on with us! Of course, the website itself also includes extensive descriptions of the services we provide—now, thanks to an extensive menu, it will be easier to find what interests us the most.

The website also includes current job offers and direct access to the SRD (Service Reporting Database) application, which gives our clients immediate access to up-to-date reports on our work. Of course, the new version is adapted to mobile devices, so you can also view it on phones or tablets without any obstacles and with great comfort. We wish you a pleasant viewing and hope that you will like the result of our work!

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