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We minimise risk

invenio has been committed to the development of quality control for its customers for over thirty years. We minimise the risk of defective products at the customer, reliably carrying out the component selection process.

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We work with you for you

Our approach is customer-oriented – your success is what matters most. We are flexible and focus on each client’s needs individually, offering the best solutions and using the most of our creativity.

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We look for people with vision

In our company we employ people who are passionate and committed to their daily duties. It is to their work and efforts that we owe much of our company’s success.

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We find solutions

Our engineers are present at every stage of the product creation process, from the concept to serial production.

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+ Company mission +

We help you define your exact needs and effectively achieve your goals together.

We are exactly where you need us.

+ Quality control +

We offer quality control services for components and finished products. We support the quality development of our customers’ suppliers at their premises and at invenio warehouses.

+ Mechanical Engineering +

CAD/CAM design, machining, manufacturing of production tooling, production of machines, our own measuring laboratory are just some of the services offered by our Mechanical Engineering department.

+ HR services +

invenio offers complex HR counselling services. We specialize in high-quality recruitment of specialists and so-called blue collars.

+ Logistics +

We can provide comprehensive logistics services both at the customer's premises and in our own warehouses.

+ Trainings +

We offer high-class training services. Thanks to them, our clients can more effectively use the potential inherent in their enterprises.


+ Temporary work agency +

We hire employees from both Poland and outside the European Union. We deal comprehensively with the legalisation of employment and residence and with all other formalities.


Company mission

We are there where our clients need us

Providing services according to clients’ needs and expectations – this is the most accurate definition of invenio’s principles of operation. Satisfaction of our clients is a prerequisite for sustainable development of the company and for maintaining the reputation of a trustworthy partner, therefore we undertake to continuously improve the quality of our services.



As we bid adieu to 2023, we reflect on a year that has been nothing short of transformative. It has been a journey marked by growth, challenges, the unwavering resilience of our te


We work for

Passenger car producers

Automotive component manufacturers


Producers of electric motors and hybrid drives

Truck manufacturers

Manufacturers of aviation components


Battery manufacturers

Producers of means of public transport

Household appliances manufacturers

Other industries

+ Contact information +

logo invenio

invenio Group
Fabryczna Street 2
43-100 Tychy, Poland

tel. +48 32 740 01 16
tel. +48 32 888 78 68 
[email protected]
[email protected]

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