Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering

invenio Sp. z o.o.
ul. Montażowa 3B
43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Bank technical advisor
invenio elaborates reports for financial institutions to verify technical aspects of borrower’s project and to perform risk analysis of an investment.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

invenio elaborates many devices and fixtures that are necessary in manufacturing and assembly process. The areas of our activities are:

Cycle time reduction
Process capability improvement Cpk
Quick change over according to SMED
Poa-Yoka introduction
Manufacturing lines changes
Ergonomics analysis and improvements
Special tools and fixtures

Special transmission systems

Offer scope:

  • Design and manufacturing of transmissions
  • Manufacturing of various gears types
  • Reconstruction of damaged gears
  • Consulting for power transmission technologycy


We design specialized tools for measurement. We are capable to design simple Go-No Go gauges and sophisticated measuring systems with data collecting devices.

Example below: Special table for up to 3025 mm long parts measurement. Together with this table a master part for gauge calibration was supplied.

Assembly stations for component manufacturers

invenio deals with assembly stations design, mainly for the automotive industry. These stations are designed in accordance with ergonomics and the Lean Manufacturing principles.

An example of the test bench for bevel gear testing under the load. This bench was awarded with golden medal at the XVI Moscow Invention and Innovation Technologies Salon „ARCHIMEDES – 2013”.

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