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100% Control / Rework

We can provide our services when:

  • your supplier failed and sent you defective parts
  • customer requires 100% control of final foods
  • process is not stable
  • when You launch new project that requires 100% sorting and/or rework
  • in case of temporarily need for more

Our strengths:

  • our reaction time is minimal
  • high flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements
  • our flexibility is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • our employees are focused on quality,
  • our team is experienced and well trained
  • we provide engineering support for sorting  and rework services
  • we can develop a methodology and design Ganges
  • we always try to implement simple and effective methods
  • we are equipped in basic measuring tools with validity certificates and trained employees

Our services can be integrated with:

  • quality control of deliveries
  • reception of parts from supplier
  • each stage of production process


invenio QD Ltd.
Przemysłowa 68 street
43-100 Tychy Poland
+48 32 740 01 16
+48 32 740 01 17

invenio Ltd
Montażowa 3B street
43-300 Bielsko Biała Polska
+48 33 810 54 80
+48 33 810 54 89

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